ASET Celebrated Neurodiagnostic Week

neurodiagnostic week

ASET successfully observed the 2021 Neurodiagnostic Week during April 18–24. Our members, partners and the larger Neurodiagnostics community all participated in this week-long event. The Week raised awareness about the neurologic symptoms of COVID-19, celebrated Neurodiagnostic technologists for their contributions during the pandemic and provided resources to help them navigate the challenges of the virus.

Healthcare providers and research experts are learning more about how the virus impacts people. Initially thought to primarily affect the respiratory system, it is now known to be linked to several neurological conditions, an important revelation that is given little media attention. According to a survey conducted by ASET, Neurodiagnostic technologists witnessed a range of neurological symptoms amongst patients who tested positive or were under investigation for COVID-19. The survey also sheds light on the experiences of technologists during the pandemic. In addition, we provided some of the latest studies indicating the impact of COVID-19 on the brain.

COVID-19 presented numerous challenges to healthcare professionals. We introduced personal stories of resilience and innovation, highlighting the unique experiences of Neurodiagnostic technologists during the pandemic. We also asked you to share your stories — and you delivered! We are delighted with the numerous stories and posts of gratitude you shared on social media with #NDweek.

neurodiagnostic poster
Neurodiagnostic Poster

That’s not all! We mailed the official Neurodiagnostic Week poster to all our members. The poster is still available for purchase on the ASET Store. We also prepared the beautiful merchandise, a memento of this memorable Week. We also offered a buy one, get one free special on the May webinars.

Thank you for making this year’s Neurodiagnostic Week special. We also like to extend our sincere gratitude to Ambu for sponsoring this important Week. We also thank the Marketing Committee for playing a vital role in planning and supporting the campaign.

Author: Aman Ayalew, MA, Marketing Manager, ASET

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