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The ASET EEG Core Curriculum (EEG 200-211 online courses) Now Accepted by ABRET 

ABRET will accept 10 ASET 200-level EEG courses as part of the petition of eligibility for the EEG credentialing program. Petitioning candidates should have 2 years of Clinical EEG Experience, and a combination of college and EEG-specific courses or 10 ASET 200-level courses, in addition to documentation of performing 200 EEGs.   

Enroll in an ASET 200-level EEG course today to build professional competence. Erik Padilla from the Neurodiagnostics Epilepsy Center & Clinical Neurophysiology Ann & Rober H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago said “The EEG 200 series courses have enabled us to train from within our institution and design a standardized training program that focuses on patient safety and follows best practices within the field of neurodiagnostics.  With the demand of neurodiagnostic professional exceeding the supply of said professionals, had caused us to have vacant positions unfilled for over 2 years.  The ASET courses coupled with our hands on training program has allowed us to staff our departments with competent technologists in addition to providing Lurie Children’s employees with a fantastic training opportunity that allows them to grow professionally and acquire standardized education.”  While, Steve Bild from the Neurological Testing Center Northwestern Memorial Hospital said, “I am very impressed with the 200 Series Course. It is ideal for new learners and a great refresher for old-timers as well.  The 200 Series Courses are exactly what our Technologist-Trainees need. I also recommend them to anyone looking to brush up their EEG fundamentals. The courses are really excellent!”

The ASET courses coupled with our hands on training program has allowed us to staff our departments with competent technologists in addition to providing Lurie Children’s employees with a fantastic training opportunity that allows them to grow professionally and acquire standardized education. Erik Padilla, MBA, R. EEG/EP T., CNIM, CLTM Director, Neurodiagnostics Epilepsy Center & Clinical Neurophysiology Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

Neurodiagnostic Techs will have an opportunity to progress from foundational, introductory topics to more complex subjects. This bundled 200-course series will provide a mechanism to help with on-boarding new staff members, a preparation for board examinations and most importantly a means to build professional competence. The purchase of several books will be required. Click here to learn more about ASET’s offerings in online education.

College Credit Opportunity for R. EEG T. Credential and Degree Path 

Earn your degree online with 34 college credits already applied for your R. EEG T. credential.  Are you an R. EEG T. credentialed technologist looking to advance your education and earn your degree? Enroll in online general education courses today to earn your degree and build confidence!    

Lansing Community College (LCC) is the first to accept the R. EEG T. credential for college credit. Lansing Community College has agreed to award 34 college credits for the R. EEG T. credential. The number of credits is equal to those awarded for completion of the LCC’s Neurodiagnostic program, which began in January 2018.   

Awarding college credits for professional credentials promotes an educational pathway. It also serves as an important step to elevate the minimal education level proposed by ASET in 2005, supports the ABRET Associate degree eligibility pathway (ASET Core Curriculum credits acceptable for petition of eligibility) and provides a model by which colleges could follow. These collective efforts are appropriately aligned with the ASET initiative to grow a qualified workforce. 

Colleges with a Neurodiagnostic program, especially those using the ASET courses as a “turn key” curriculum, are more likely to understand, consider and value credit options. This important step will provide an opportunity for Neurodiagnostic technologists to earn a college degree and will be mutually beneficial for ASET, ABRET and any educational institution willing to offer similar credits.  

To complete the AAS degree at LCC, EEG credentialed technologists will only need to complete the following seven general education courses which are available online: ENGL 121, COMM 110, SOCL 12o, BIOL 145, Math 119, CHSE 120 and PSYC 200.   

Amy Lee, Ed.D., RT(R)(MR), is the Director of Michigan Radiologic and Imaging Science Consortium (MiRIS). Please contact Ms. Lee via email to learn more about enrollment procedures 

Defined College Career Path for Neurodiagnostic Technologists

Crozer-Chester Medical Center Neurodiagnostic Program will also be accepting the R. EEG T. credential for college credit. The degree path will include an associate degree option through Delaware County Community College and Bachelor and Master degree options through Widener University. Two credentials will be awarded 51 block credits in the Bachelor’s Degree track. 

For more information please contact Linda Kelly 610-447-2902, or email   

ASET Offers Free Skin Safety Course

This is an opportunity to learn important information about how to avoid skin breakdown for patients undergoing EEG and LTM procedures. Join us in promoting patient safety and professional competence by enrolling today. Successful completion of the course will earn you 2 free ASET CEUs!   

Add “Skin Safety Course” to your cart by searching for “Skin Safety” in the store. Or, view the “Webinar Recordings – Free Presentations” Category, then select “Skin Safety Course.” Visit the store now to get started. 

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