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Hello to all my ASET friends! Having a hard time knowing it’s already Fall? I’m sure, like many of you, I am looking forward to ending 2020. Everyone’s year has been turned upside down. Instead of looking at the negatives, let’s take a look at what ASET has accomplished since we last spoke. Our time away from family and friends has allowed us to focus on some tasks. ASET has accomplished a lot since the start of summer.

  • Letter for CMS reimbursement changes: Along with some guidance and collaboration with ACNS, ASET has sent a letter regarding the proposed MFPS for 2021 changes from CMS. You should have received an email with a copy, and there is information on the website.
  • Standards and Practices review item: ASET is accepting public comment on documents the S&P Committee, Chaired by Eric Padilla and Anna Bonner as ASET Liaison, has developed regarding National Competencies for Job Descriptions. These were also shared with our sister organizations ACNS, AANEM, AcMEGS, AAN, ASNM, and CoA-NDT. Please make sure you review and comment. The Committee did tremendous work on these documents.
  • Virtual meeting stats: As you know, the ASET 2020 first-ever Virtual Conference was a HUGE success. Special thanks to the entire ASET Staff, vendors and presenters who provided our Members and other attendees with a world-class educational opportunity. Your ASET Staff did a tremendous job in so little time. Final numbers were: 947 attendees representing 12 countries (USA, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Perth, Ghana, Japan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Ireland, Italy, and Germany), 25 sponsors and 24 exhibitors. The plan is to continue this format, at some level, for every annual meeting. And Adam and I were rocking our masks.
  • Strategic Planning: Every three years, the ASET Executive Committee and Board of Trustees meet to review the current strategic goals, revise as necessary and develop a strategic plan for the next three years. Our next planning session will be in March 2021. Moving forward, some areas regarding membership, education, legislation and governance will be reviewed and considered.
  • Mission and Vision statement: These will also be reviewed and updated if needed, as part of the work during the Strategic Planning Meeting in March 2021.
  • Update of Leadership courses. The Leadership Course Module is being reviewed and updated with the help of Brian Sullivan and Maureen Carroll, of ASET, along with the Volunteer and Leadership Committee, Chaired by Lyndsey Joslyn. Many hours and work by the Committee in reviewing and updating the content have been completed so far. This course, developed by ASET and ABRET jointly, assists those in a Leadership role for ASET, ABRET and any non-profit role our members might be considering. I look forward to the final updated product.
  • Always looking for editors and writers: The ASET Journal (AJET) and the Newsletter are always looking for writers for publication and reviewers. Send a Case Review and/or article of interest to you.  If it’s got you excited, others will also be.  Anna Bonner, Publications Director, will assist you in getting published and also has items for review, including textbooks.  Please contact her directly at
  • Social Media: With our new Marketing Manager, Aman Ayalew, ASET is back on Social Media and bringing all kinds of educational tidbits and links. Look for ASET on Linked-In and Facebook.
  • Collaboration meetings: We are still having numerous collaborative meetings with the following organizations: ABRET, ABRET and CoA-NDT, ACNS, NAEC, Covid-19 Group (since April 2020), and AANN.           

Remember: ASET works for you. There are so many things coming in the next few months, it’s a joy to work with such talented people. We have a great staff! The Staff, Board of Trustees and Executive Committee would love to hear your thoughts and ideas, as well as assist you with any issues you have in regards to ASET. We are here to make your career goals easier to obtain. Help us to help you.

Your Grateful Servant,

Connie Kubiak, ASET President

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others succeed.” — Napoleon Hill

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