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Nominations for Trustees Sought 


Nominations for four Trustee positions are being sought for the 2020 election. Per the ASET Bylaws the base eligibility requirements for nomination are: 

  • Must be actively engaged in the practice [clinical, research, management or education] of neurodiagnostics or neurophysiology for at least six months preceding installation of office;  
  • Must be an Active member in good standing who has maintained membership for three out of the five years immediately preceding the election (Institutional members are eligible for nomination to the office of trustee if they upgrade to the Active member class by the nomination deadline);  
  • At the time of installation and during term of office, no officer or trustee shall serve on any other health care board at the national level (this restriction does not apply to service on boards of national public charities or private foundations in the health care field). 

Desired qualifications of nominees include a strong background in committee and volunteer work – either with ASET or other professional organizations and demonstrated commitment to ASET and the neurodiagnostic profession. Graduation from the ASET|ABRET Joint Leadership Academy is preferred. 

For details on the nomination and election process, visit 2020 Call for Board Nominations. To nominate a member for trustee consideration, please contact Kevin Helm, ASET’s Executive Director, at or Anna Bonner, interim staff liaison for the Nominating Committee at Self-nominations are welcome! The deadline for nominations is February 28, 2020. 

Nominations for ASET Fellow Now Open 


Do you know ASET members who are highly esteemed and who have given their time and talents to the Neurodiagnostic profession? If so, please nominate them for the 2020 class of ASET Fellows. 

Individuals are eligible to be nominated if they have been a member of ASET in good standing for a minimum of ten continuous years, regardless of member class and who have distinguished themselves in: 

  • Service to the Society, e.g., officer, trustee, annual conference program chair/co-chair/course director/presenter, education seminar faculty, webinar presenter, online course faculty, committee and task force chair/member, journal contributor, Interest Section leader 
  • Service to the Neurodiagnostic profession, e.g., ASET Chapter or local/state/regional neurodiagnostic society officer/board/committee member, credentialing board member, examiner, member of patient advocate board 
  • As an ambassador exemplifying and advancing the Neurodiagnostic profession, e.g., promotion of the profession at career and health fairs, presenter at non-ASET conferences and events, promotion and participation in National Neurodiagnostic Week 


Nominations may be submitted by any ASET member in good standing. Simply complete the brief Fellows Nomination Form that outlines how the nominee meets the nomination criteria in general and send to Linda Kelly, MS, R. EEG/EP T., R. NCS. T., FASET, CSSGB at by the February 14, 2020 nominations deadline. Self-nominations are not accepted. To view previous recipients of the honorary conferment of ASET Fellow, visit Fellows Inductees. 


ASET Board Adopts Position Statement on Definition of Neurodiagnostic Healthcare Professionals 

The following position statement was adopted by the ASET Board of Trustees September 27, 2019: 



Neurodiagnostic Healthcare Professionals: 


  • are credentialed by ABRET and/or BRPT, AAET, ABEM, or are licensed to perform neurodiagnostics in their respective modality of practice; 
  • have met minimum education standards as set forth by the above credentialing boards; 
  • meet continuing education requirements as set forth by the above credentialing boards or licensing agencies; 
  • perform within a code of ethics and defined scope of practice; 
  • are Clinical Staff recognized by physicians, employers, the public, governmental agencies, payers and other health care professionals; and 
  • contribute to the advancement of knowledge in neuroscience. 


The reason for the board’s action is that, in the absence of licensure, there is not a standard occupational definition for neurodiagnostics. The board thought it would be better for ASET to establish one rather than risk other entities adopting a definition for the profession. Further, the board thought it desirable to take a proactive stance in this regard in anticipation of billing and coding changes that may come down the line and that may be based on a technologist’s qualifications. 


ASET and NAEC to Jointly Develop Training Program for EMU Personnel 


ASET representatives met with the current and past Presidents of NAEC at the AES Conference in Baltimore, MD, on December 9, 2019.  ASET shared information about the online Core Curriculum, currently offered by ASET, as well as recommendations for education as part of NAEC’s new requirements for accreditation, effective in 2021. 


ASET looks forward to greater collaboration with NAEC and its education requirements for staff in support of NAECaccrediting process. 




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