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Formal Education Task Force
Historical Advocacy Committee
ASET – CEU Committee
Global Initiatives Task Force
Membership Committee
Neurodiagnostic Awareness and Patient Advocacy Task Force (NAPA)
Research Committee
Standards & Practices Committee
Volunteer & Leadership Development Committee

Formal Education Task Force  

The Formal Education Task Force (FETF) is busy making sure we spread the word about the importance of education in our field. One of our goals is to support the development of new neurodiagnostic technology training programs. According to the CoA-NDT, there are several new schools in the pipeline seeking CAAHEP accreditation. This is exciting news since there is a known shortage of neurodiagnostic technologists in the U.S.  

Neurodiagnostic Technology Schools are still on the rise in the U.S. Good news for the profession and the professionals.

Another project we spearhead is the Dean’s Packet, which includes relevant statistical information that requires updating on a regular basis. We are in the process of updating this document to include information from the most recent ASET Salary Survey and ABRET exam statistics. This packet is useful for individuals who want to start a program and need information to present to a Dean at their local college or university. The Dean’s Packet is available for download now. Visit (Education tab) for the latest information.  

The Dean’s Packet is available now. Follow the link above for your copy.

Chairperson: Mary Ellen Wells, Ph.D., RPSGT, R.EEG T., R.NCS T 

Task Force Members: Walt Banoczi, R.EEG/EP T., CLTM, CNIM, FASET; Anna-Marie Beck, MOL, R. EEG T., FASET; William Bosl, Ph. D.; Maureen Carroll, R. EEG/EP T., RPSGT, CNIM; Deb Eddinger, MS-HQS, BSed, RVS, R. EEG T.; Faye McNall, M. Ed.,
R. EEG T.; Eric Stephens, R. EEG T., CLTM, CNIM; Claudia Torres, R. EEG/EP T., CNIM 

Staff Liaison: Linda Kelly, BS, R. EEG/EP T., R.NCS.T., CNCT, FASET 

Historical Advocacy Committee

If you were lucky enough to attend ASET’s 60th Annual Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. this year, then you were also lucky enough to experience the ASET Neurodiagnostic Museum in person.

Over the course of several years and with the help of many ASET staff and volunteers, we have curated a sample of neurodiagnostic machines and supplies that spans almost the entirety of the profession’s history.

On display in Kansas City were some of the original Grass EEG machines (even live demos), the first generation of pastes (and paste-making demos), all the way through the transition from analog to digital technology. It was quite an experience and a true source of joy for many members.

The good news is if you missed it, we will be working diligently to categorize and enshrine these relics for future viewing. In Mid-October the ASET Neurodiagnostic Virtual Museum will go live and you will be invited to view it.

Watch your inbox for updates, you’ll be the first to know. Also, don’t forget to update your contact information if you have moved or changed email addresses.

Chairperson: Cynthia Swick

Members: Connie Cubiak, R. EEG/EP T., CNIM, CLTM, FASET; Brian Adkins, BS, R. EEG T., CNIM; Mike Young, BA, R. E. T.; Chris Moses, R. EEG T.; Tamima Black, R. EEG T.; Mallory Schmidt, BS, R. EEG T.; Mary Mantle, BA,
R. EEG/EP T.; Kelly Clement, R. EEG T., CNIM

Olivia Cottingham – Staff Liaison

ASET – CEU Committee

Hello Everyone & Happy Fall! The CEU Committee has been working on many new and exciting ways to streamline the CEU application process. We are also tweaking different aspects of our internal review process to make it more efficient thus helping us turn around your applications more quickly – hooray! We would like to encourage anyone applying for CEUs to get their applications in well before the educational event takes place. Don’t be late! We have been very lenient in making arrangements to expedite applications when this has happened in the past, but with our new system, we will be discouraging it.  

This last quarter, we reviewed and awarded ASET CEUs for 31 applications. Keep them coming! We are thrilled to see all the educational opportunities taking place for neurodiagnostic professionals around the country. If you are also passionate about neurodiagnostic education, let us know! We are still looking for volunteer online course reviewers. This is a great opportunity to receive free knowledge while also giving back to ASET. BONUS: We are awarding five (5) ASET CEUs to the online course reviewers for every course they review! We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

Chairperson: Meredith Milton, AS, R. EEG/EP T., RPSGT

Members: Richard Vogel, Ph., D.ABNM; Tina Miller, BS, R. EEG/EP T., CNIM; Magdalena Warzecha, AS, R. EEG/EP T. CLTM; Emily Kale, BS, R. EP T., CNIM; Jeremy Morton, BS, CNIM

Staff Liaison: Linda Kelly, MS, R. EEG/EP T., R.NCS.T., CNCT, Olivia Cottingham, BS

Global Initiatives Task Force 

Chair: Trei King, BA, R. EEG T., CNIM 

In July 2019, the Global Initiatives Task Force (GITF) developed a mission statement to help guide its activities and focus its work. The mission statement was submitted to the ASET Board of Trustees for approval during its meeting at the ASET Annual Conference in Kansas City. The following mission statement was approved by the ASET Board of Trustees: “To collaborate and support Neurodiagnostics globally.” 

The GITF also participated in its first Interest Section Luncheon during the ASET Annual Conference. On behalf of the GITF, we would like to thank everyone who sat with us and shared both their enthusiasm for global outreach and projects being worked on. This was another great first step for the Task Force and we learned about many project needs. The GITF is taking the information that attendees shared with us during the luncheon for discussion during our next meeting. 

Task Force Members: Teguo Daniel Djoyum, BS, R. EEG T., CNIM; Emily Kale, BS, CNIM, R. EP T.; Magdalena Warzecha, R. EEG/EP T.; Cindy Swick, BS,
R. EEG T., CLTM; Susan Agostini, R. EEG/EP T., CLTM, FASET; Mary Betinis, R. EEG T.; Adam Kornegay, MBA, LPN, R. EP T., CNIM, FASET; Elizabeth Mullikin, MA, MPA, MNM, R. EEG/EP T., CNIM, FACHE, FASET  

Staff Liaison: Brian Sullivan, MS, Membership Director 

Membership Committee 

Chair: Nicklous Morrisette, R. EEG T., CNIM 

First and foremost, I’d like to take a moment to thank Cherie Young for all of her hard work and progress as the Committee Chair for the last six years. Cherie’s service to ASET is tremendously appreciated and during her time as Chair she oversaw a consistent, year after year, increase in total membership for ASET. Thank you so much for all of your contributions on this committee and we wish you success in all of your future projects and endeavors! As the new Chair, I am very excited for the opportunity to continue building the Society’s membership and develop an environment of transparency and collaboration among Neurodiagnostic professionals. 

The Membership Committee has implemented a collaboration with the Board of Trustees to reach out to new members with monthly welcome calls. We will continue to work on streamlining this process and finding ways to welcome new members and set a tone of accessibility from our more tenured members. 

Current projects for the Membership Committee include developing quarterly member needs/satisfaction surveys to identify areas in which we could improve the benefits and experience for ASET members. We will also be developing the membership ad for the December edition of The Neurodiagnostic Journal. We’re also looking to expand the committee membership by one member. Anyone that feels that they or one of their colleagues would be a good fit please feel free to get in touch with me. 

Committee Members: Anna Costina, MHA, R. EEG T., Christopher Moses, R. EEG T., Magdalena Warzecha, R. EEG/EP T., CLTM  

Staff Liaison: Brian Sullivan, MS, Membership Director 

Neurodiagnostic Awareness and Patient Advocacy Task Force (NAPA)  

Jennifer K. Montgomery, BA for Cheryl Plummer, BS, R. EEG T., CLTM, FASET  

The NAPA Task Force continues to make strides in outreach and developing messaging. In terms of outreach, NAPA provided contact information for the state chapters of the American Society for Heath Care Risk Management (ASHRM) to ASET’s Chapter Presidents Council at its recent meeting at the annual conference. ASET’s chapters were encouraged at that time to reach out to ASHRM chapters in their respective states to invite them to be part of their individual annual conference programming. Partnering with ASHRM chapters will provide an excellent opportunity to educate risk managers and health care executives about the importance of using highly qualified and well-trained Neurodiagnostic Technologists and the potential negative impact of using less qualified individuals on patient safety.  

ASHRM’s core purpose is to advance safe and trusted health care and its mission is to provide health care risk managers with the resources, knowledge and support to strategically and broadly manage risk, reduce uncertainty, add value, and advance health and safety. This makes the organization a natural fit for NAPA’s outreach goals. Additionally, the task force is gathering contact information for state Epilepsy Chapters to establish a database for outreach to them as well.    

On the messaging side, NAPA developed a print ad that was published in the September 2019 issue of The Neurodiagnostic Journal. It was designed to interlock with the current messaging developed by ASET’s Governmental Advocacy Committee (GAC), and can also be used as a flyer. NAPA is currently exploring the possibility of producing it as a poster as well. This collateral represents concrete baseline branding for the task force going forward and will help with presentations to decision makers, risk managers and patients.  This material will help build a successful framework that conveys the importance of professional competency in reducing patient risks related to neurodiagnostic procedures.  

These activities are helping NAPA achieve its strategic goal to increase the awareness of the value of the neurodiagnostic professional. They also continue to be designed as collaborative with GAC efforts so that a consistent message will be maintained on all fronts.  

Chair: Cheryl Plummer, BS, R. EEG T., CLTM, FASET  

Task Force Members: Judy Ahn-Ewing, BS, R. EEG/EP T., CNIM, CLTM, FASET; Mary Betinis, R. EEG T.; Elizabeth Bouffanie, R. EEG T., CNIM; Richard Foy, MBA, MSHA; Kathryn Hansen, BS, CPC, CPMA; Adam Kornegay, R. EP T., CNIM, LPN, FASET, MBA; Cindy Miller, R. EEG T., CNIM, R. NCS T.; Elizabeth Mullikin, R. EEG/EP T., CNIM, CCVT, RDCS, FACHE, FASET, MPA, MNM, MA; Marc Nuwer, M.D., Ph.D.  

Staff Liaison: Jennifer K. Montgomery, BA  

Research Committee 

Chair: Christine Scott Blodgett, MA, R. EEG/EP T., CLTM, FASET 

The Research Committee was busy at the ASET Annual Conference this year!  Maybe you stopped by our booth to meet our members and learn more about the research we are doing or saw our poster outlining our current projects.  Hopefully you were one of the over 100 participants in the LTM survey we distributed providing information about staffing ratios in your facility.  Stay tuned for more details as we work towards creating our LTM simulation room at upcoming conferences to identify best practice tech to patient ratios for LTM monitoring!   

How many patients is too many? We are working to find best practices in LTM staffing.

Please note that we are currently looking for another committee member to join our busy team.  If you are interested and have experience in research, please let us know!   

Committee Members: William J. Bosl, Ph.D., Margie Dieter-Murphy, R. EEG/EP T., Brian Galdis, BS, R. EEG T., CLTM, Todd Ham, BS, R. EEG T., CLTM. Rebecca Khozein, MBA, DOM, MS, R. EEG/EP T., RPSGT, R.NCS.T., Jacob Myers, BS, R. EEG T., Jie Zhang, BS. R. EEG/EP T., CNIM, CLTM, FASET 

Staff Liaison: Anna Bonner, BA, R. EEG T., RPSGT, Director of Publications 

Standards & Practices Committee 

Chair: Erik Padilla, MBA, R. EEG/EP T., CNIM, CLTM, FASET

The S&P continues its work reviewing and updating the ASET job descriptions, national competencies, and 30-, 60-, and 90-day evaluation checklists. The S&P submitted EEG, ICU/cEEG, and MEG competencies to the BOT for review and approval during the annual meeting in August. The MEG competencies were approved, and the BOT will hold approval of the EEG and ICU/cEEG documents until CMS guidelines are completed and published. 

The Standards & Practices Committee (S&P), welcomes two new members, Marion Zakrzewski, R. EEG T., R. NCS. T., RPSGT and Kasie Sargent, R. EEG T., CNIM. Marion is the Neurophysiology Manager at Penn State Milton Hershey and has over 20 years of experience in NDT. She has extensive experience in providing clinical site training and services for NDT school programs and is also working to open a program as well. Kasie is the IONM Supervisor at Children’s of Alabama and has nine years of experience in NDT. She has served as an ALASET Officer (Secretary), an ASET Boot Camp lecturer/speaker and she has experience in EEG (including Ambulatory EEG), EMU, SPECT, EDAS, and epilepsy surgery, including ROSA. Welcome Marion and Kasie!   

The S&P continues its work on developing a position statement regarding the use of wireless EEG caps and similar devices and will begin working on developing Specialist job descriptions, national competencies and 30-, 60-, 90-day evaluation checklists for Ambulatory/Remote EEG Monitoring. We also are seeking a new member to join the S&P Committee. These projects are keeping us quite busy!  

As always, we seek your feedback and look forward to meeting the needs of our membership. Please feel free to contact Erik Padilla and/or staff liaison, Anna Bonner, for inquiries and suggestions because we want to hear from you! 

Committee Members: Susan Agostini, R. EEG/EP T., CLTM, FASET;
Petra Davidson, BS, R. EEG/EP T., CLTM, FASET; Rebecca Khozein, MBA, DOM, MS, R. EEG/EP T., RPSGT, R.NCS.T.; Trei King, BA, R. EEG T., CNIM; Pat Lordeon, R. EEG T., FASET; Cheryl Plummer, BS, R. EEG T., CLTM, FASET; Kasie Sargent, R. EEG T., CNIM, Cynthia Swick, BS, R. EEG T., CLTM; Marion Zakrzewski, R. EEG T., R. NCS. T., RPSGT 

Staff Liaison: Anna Bonner, BA, R. EEG T., RPSGT, ASET Director of Publications 

Volunteer & Leadership Development Committee 

Chair: Genevieve Hall, R. EEG T., R. EP T., R.NCS.T. 

There have been some changes recently in the Volunteer and Leadership Development Committee. Brian Sullivan, ASET’s Membership Director, is the new ASET staff liaison and in August, Kathy Johnson stepped down as Committee Chair. Taking over the reins as Chair is Genevieve Hall. She has been in the field for over 14 years, holds registries in EEG, EP, NCS, and is a past graduate of the ASET/ABRET Leadership Academy.   

Part of the responsibilities of the Volunteer and Leadership Development Committee is to oversee the Leadership Academy. This program allows ASET members the opportunity to hone their leadership skills and be recognized as a potential leader for ASET and ABRET. You can learn more about the program here:

The committee is starting work on Leadership Academy 2.0. We are in the reviewing stage and during this time we will take a look at all of the modules to see if updates or revisions are needed. We will also be looking at the Academy as a whole to make sure the format and delivery style are still suitable for today’s learners.  

If you are interested in helping with the process, or if you have any suggestions please let us know. You can e-mail the Committee Chair directly at

Staff Liaison:  Brian Sullivan, MS, Membership Director 

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