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Plan ahead for recredentialing deadlines. Some professional credentials expire on their anniversary month and others at the end of the year. You can enroll today and spend the summer months earning continuing education credits, so you don’t have to “sweat it” during holiday time! 

ASET has a variety of online courses and webinars on EEG, EP, LTM, IONM and NCS topics.  Member benefits include discounted pricing. Courses and webinars are presented by subject matter experts and provide you with an opportunity to complete course work over a year’s time in the comfort of your own home and during the hours that fit your schedule the best.  Join the growing number of Neurodiagnostic professionals who complete ASET’s EEG Core Curriculum to promote patient safety and achieve professional competence or learn a new modality to add to your already existing skill set.  The image above is a snapshot of what you’ll find in our online course content.  For more information, including course descriptions, please download resource catalogs here:

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ABRET Recertification Credits may be earned by Clinical Instructors

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