Foundation News & Updates – Summer 2020


In June the ASET Foundation awarded a total of $5,000 in tuition grants to eight recipients, all whom are enrolled in Neurodiagnostic Technology Programs around the country, including The Institute of Health Sciences, Lincoln Land Community College, Kirkwood Community College, Johnson County Community College, The University of Holy Cross and the Crozer Chester NDT Programs.  Congratulations to all and wishing you a stellar career in Neurodiagnostics!

The ASET Foundation supports the strategic goals of ASET, including: “The education system supports the development of an adequate and qualified Neurodiagnostic workforce”.  By providing assistance with tuition payments for Neurodiagnostic Technology students, we hope to see more graduates entering the field.  In addition, persons who are already employed in the Neurodiagnostic profession may also apply for a grant to attend a 2-year junior college or a 4-year college to pursue a degree since ASET promotes professional development throughout the careers of our members. 

If you would like to know more about the ASET Foundation Tuition Grant Program, please visit the ASET Foundation website to read about eligibility criteria, the application process and to download an application form.  It is important to note that the tuition grant checks are mailed directly to the college of the recipient so applicants must be enrolled, or at least accepted, into a college to receive funds.

Donations made to the ASET Foundation support the tuition grant program as well as scholarships for members to support attendance at ASET educational events.  There is a donation form available at the ASET Foundation website, and your donations are very much appreciated.

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