Happy Neurodiagnostic Week!


By Maliha Khan, Marketing & Social Media Manager

It’s Neurodiagnostic Week, now what?

You’ve done your part and planned activities around this week, or so we hope. You’ve ordered merchandise from the ASET Online Store to help make the most of this week and educated your patients about the importance of Neurodiagnostics. You may have even decorated your lab or clinic or planned a celebration for your team of technologists. Perhaps you’ve sent out a proclamation request and/or press release to help raise awareness of the profession. Or, like some, maybe you’ve created some fuzzy brains like our member below! Either way, give us the scoop because we want to know and help you amplify your efforts this week.  

 If you haven’t had time to plan something extra special, that’s okay too as there are many other ways that you can contribute to making this week successful and helping us celebrate people like you!  

Put On Your Creativity Cap & Submit a Group Photo  

At the end of March, all ASET members should have received a complimentary copy of the Neurodiagnostic Week poster.  Your employer may have purchased additional copies of the poster as well. In any case, we’re asking you to put on your creative hat and send us a group photo using the poster. We’ll be sharing our best entries on Twitter and other select social media profiles. The winning entry will receive a $50 gift certificate to the ASET Online Store. Here’s how to participate, along with some guidelines for your post:   

  • Use the hashtag #NDWeek2018 in your post to make it easier for us to find your post. Others may be tracking the conversation online and will be able to see your post.  
  • Photos must be professional and appropriate.  
  • Photos must be posted on Twitter or Instagram. Other social media platforms do not allow us to find your posts due to privacy settings. 
  • Ask your hospital or clinic’s Marketing or Media Relations department to push your activities on the company’s social media accounts. 

If you or your hospital/clinic do not have a social media account, you may email your submission to maliha@aset.org. Please write #NDWeek Contest Submission as your subject line. 

Photos must be submitted between April 15 – 21, 2018.  Winner(s) will be announced on April 25.  

Take a Photo with These Social Media Cards  

Download a copy of our Neurodiagnostic Week Social Media Card and fill in the blank to tell us why you’re a proud Neurodiagnostic professional. Then, post your photo on social media using the hashtag. We can’t wait to learn why you love this profession, just like we do!  


Show Off Your Hard Work  

Did you make something extra special, like our friend Colette? Put your hard work on display, whether it’s a creative t-shirt that you made or the wonderful office decorations that you put up.  

Most of all, if your local officials declared a proclamation and made Neurodiagnostic Week official in your town or city we would love to know. You took an extra step to ensure this happened and we’d like to acknowledge your hard work.  

Whoops! We Totally Forgot to Mention the Sale! 

Take advantage of our Neurodiagnostic Week Sale while you’re at it. We’re celebrating Neurodiagnostic Week by giving you 20% off on publications in the ASET store.  Use the code NDWK20 at check-out. View the full list of publications that are currently on sale here.

Regardless of how you choose to celebrate, we wish you a very happy Neurodiagnostic Week! We hope you’ll take this time to educate others and show them the true importance of Neurodiagnostic Technology and the wonderful people behind it.

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