Another Neurodiagnostic Week Celebration in Style


By Maliha Khan, Marketing & Social Media Manager, ASET

The week of April 15-21, 2018 marked another successful Neurodiagnostic Week celebration for the records, as ASET members from all around the world celebrated in many different ways. From fuzzy brain caps to festive cakes, to the Brainy Bunch and beyond, one thing for sure is that ASET members know how to celebrate in style.

Thank you to the healthcare and department administrators, lab managers, and supervisors who went out of their way to make this week special for their team of Neurodiagnostic Professionals. Whether it was a special lunch or a free Starbucks Frappucino, we commend you for showing your appreciation and making your team feel valued.

Most of all, it was great to see the different ways each department chose to educate their patients about Neurodiagnostics. Your hard work makes a difference in improving awareness about the profession and increasing its value. During the week, ASET’s Twitter and Facebook engagement peaked with a flood of photos. Thank you for letting us be a part of your celebration. It was a delight to see these photos and to engage with everyone on our social media accounts. Check out some of the best photos in the video below.

A BIG thank you to our Neurodiagnostic Week Co-Sponsors: RhythmLink International and Ambu, Inc. Congratulations to Colette Maturo for winning our Neurodiagnostic Week photo contest. We would also like to congratulate our partner Lifelines Neurodiagnostic Systems, who made waves in the local news — watch here.

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