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Need to earn CEUs to re-credential or to prepare for the board exam? ASET’s online courses in EEG, LTM, IONM, and NCS topics are a great way to earn needed credits at your own pace. These courses are designed for individual or group staff development. We offer discounts for members, including enrollment in a full curriculum (i.e., EEG 200–212).

Core Curriculum

EEG 200: Fundamentals of Neuroanatomy
EEG 201: Testing Procedures & Terminology
EEG 202: Electrodes, Electrode Placement, and Application Methods
EEG 203: Fundamentals of EEG & Patient Care
EEG 204: Digital EEG Concepts & Electrical Safety
EEG 205: Normal Adult EEG, Normal Variants, & Drug Effects
EEG 206: Instrumentation Part I Differential Amplifier, Montage Design & Filters
EEG 207: Instrumentation Part 2 Waveform Analysis & Polarity
EEG 208: Artifacts Identification and Troubleshooting
EEG 209: EEG in Epilepsy
EEG 210: EEG in Neurological Disorders
EEG 211: EEG in Pediatric Patients and Neonates
EEG 212: Final Review and Practice Exam

Available Options: EEG, LTM, NCS, IONM

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