President’s Message: Spring 2021


Happy spring 2021 to all of the ASET Neurodiagnostic family! I am happy about the sunshine and warmer weather. There is something about spring that gets me uplifted and ready to take on new things. As you may have noticed, the Newsletter is now more of a monthly update, getting important information to you as quickly as possible. This issue includes an editorial summary from yours truly. The outlines for each issue are below, as well as the link to access areas of interest.


  • Educational program highlights
  • Tech Tips
  • Membership renewal


  • Educational program highlights
  • Membership update
  • Special Interest Section articles
  • Advocacy update
  • Committee updates

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This March issue includes:

  • President’s message
  • Educational program highlights
  • Education department update

The ASET staff and Board of Trustees have been extremely busy providing important information to our membership and others in our field about great opportunities to support your professional goals.

62nd ASET Annual Conference

Registration for the 62nd ASET Annual Conference is now open. Reserve your place with us now! If you have never attended an ASET conference in person, let me assure you that the networking and speaker interaction is nothing like you have ever experienced before. A new meeting format will come this year, along with some of our more popular items which we will continue to keep. Scholarship applications will be announced soon — make sure you apply so you can get the financial support to attend in person! Start planning now, and let’s make ASET 2021 an EXCEPTIONAL experience in San Diego!

Strategic Plan

Your Board has been busy with governance, having just completed two days of strategic planning for the next three years. This year, for the first time, the Board, staff, and selected members and persons in the field were surveyed for ideas about how we can improve ASET to be the best organization for you, our members. We received great survey responses, and I want to personally thank all who participated. The areas being developed will make you so very proud to be a part of this great organization. The brainstorming which came out of this session brought many ideas on how to make ASET even better.

Departmental Updates

The ASET departments have also been busy. Publications are still second to none in providing materials for every level of technologist. Contact Anna if you’re interested in writing an article of interest for ASET News or the Journal. This is a great way to share your ideas, research findings, and departmental processes with those who understand best what you do! Look for updates to the Job Descriptions and Competencies coming soon.

The Department of Education just released a new course for Neurodiagnostic Assistants, with support from the NAEC, titled “LTM 100: Introduction to Long-Term Monitoring for EMU Personnel“. This need was seen by NAEC for education and competency for their member organizations as well as a great way for Neurodiagnostic career development. Patient safety is key in this course and it is, by no means, a way to circumvent the role of a qualified technologist. 

Governmental Advocacy is still an area of constant vigilance. Nearly all of the states are now in session with Jennifer and the Governmental Advocacy Committee, keeping a close watch on areas of interest to you, our members. 

The Global Initiatives Task Force is bringing together information for those members who want to assist areas of the world with education, supplies and equipment. One of the group’s greatest endeavors is to provide affordable membership to ASET, along with affordable educational materials for those in other countries. Look for announcements soon.

The Membership Department is developing some tools for better member interaction and networking with ASET as well as working within ASET to streamline some processes. The Board continues to contact new members monthly, getting feedback on what we are doing well and areas we could improve in. If you get a call, please take a few minutes to assist us in making ASET better!

ASET’s presence in social media is much more noticeable and bringing a variety of information to our membership in an instant means. The website and ASET are still the experts in all things ASET. Follow ASET on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn for the most up-to-date information.

Nominations are closed for the Board of Trustees elections this year. A recent email to ASET members shared information about the Nominating Committee and the nominations process in the hopes to clarify and be as transparent as possible. I, for one, hope you consider running for a position next year!!

ASET continues to work closely with organizations like ACNS, NAEC, AES, ASNM, AANEM, AANN, CCEMRC, CAAHEP, and the CoA-NDT, to name a few. Collaboration continues with ACNS in Guideline review and development. Educational materials and assistance are key among this entire group, with the focus on patient safety and outcome.

Neurodiagnostic Week

April will bring us Neurodiagnostic Week. New ways for you to share the wonderful field of Neurodiagnostics with others are being developed. Watch for more announcements, and please share your story with us of how COVID-19 affected your work. Join the conversation on social media with #NDweek by sharing your experience during COVID-19. Also, ND Week is an excellent opportunity to share your gratitude for Neurodiagnostic technologists with a photo of you with your favorite flowers.           

As I write this, the Board is reviewing reports of all the ASET committees and task forces, as well as current Strategic Goals and department reports, in preparation for the Mid-Year Board of Trustees Meeting. It saddens me that my term with ASET is nearly complete. Yet, I look at all this organization, the Board and the great staff, and all that has been accomplished in spite of what would be considered by some to be huge set-backs, we are bigger and stronger than ever!

Enjoy this newsletter — I know I will!

Author: Connie Kubiak, R. EEG/EP T., CNIM, CLTM, FASET, President, ASET

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