President’s Message: Summer 2021

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Author: Connie Kubiak, R. EEG/EP T., CNIM, CLTM, FASET, ASET President

One of the great things about being a Travel Technologist is meeting new people and seeing new places. I am currently in Omaha, NE (…yes, again), and enjoying the warm weather. I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the museum, the Sod House in Beatrice (a homage to those who settled this area), several terrific restaurants, some shops, researched some genealogy, met with newly found extended family, made new acquaintances and friends, and reconnected with people I have known in a long friendship. The NCAA College World Series will be held here in mid-June, and the baseball frenzy has begun! I am doing all these things without a face mask, as currently, the mask mandate has been lifted. The hospital where I am working is the only location I am required to wear a mask, but only in patient care areas. Living the dream!

Going without a mask now is a bit odd. After wearing this for over a year, there are I times I go into a location feeling like I’ve forgotten something. Wondering what the new normal will be. My hope is sick people will stay home, and everyone will wash their hands!

This past week, since I now know where I will be flying from, I made plane reservations for the ASET Annual Conference in San Diego. While I have thoroughly enjoyed the virtual meetings, the virtual lectures and the ASET Virtual Conference in 2020, there is something to be said regarding a face-to-face meeting! The lectures and the speakers seem more energetic – and maybe it’s the attendees in the room making it so. I think being able to see everyone clearer, see their faces and feel the voice inflections help make the experience that much better. The discussions before and after the presentations are always so much fun. Whether it be with an experienced technologist, a vendor, a visitor or a first-time attendee, I always get so much out of every conversation. I have learned more in those conversations, met greater friends and had better networking than at any other opportunity. The energy and the positivity at this meeting have always been a highlight for me. I leave rejuvenated and positive in knowing I made a terrific career choice in Neurodiagnostics!! The CEUs for my recertification this year are an added bonus!

The Special Interest Section writings last month discussed the importance of in-person attendance and the benefits. If you haven’t already, I would recommend reading the great stories and comments our Interest Section Leaders have written about. ASET’s supporting vendors and the ASET Foundation are offering scholarships to assist in attendance, I hope you applied. Many times, these scholarships go unaccepted due to a lack of application.

This year for me is bittersweet. My tenure has not been the smoothest, to say the least. I will take my position as Immediate-Past President, and Adam Kornegay, current President-Elect, will take office. I am hoping, since you’ll be in attendance, each of you will welcome Adam, support him as you have supported me, and make it a point to introduce yourself to me if we’ve not already met. Newly elected Trustees and Officers will also be taking office, as well as Award Presentations, a new format for the Business Meeting and the first face-to-face conference for our newest ASET Staff; Darla, Aman, and Kevin. The speakers this year will bring awesome information and knowledge. The vendor support has also been incredible! The excitement for this conference is ramping up!

Safe travels to you this summer! In August, I’ll be at a great resort, meeting friends, enjoying wonderful food and events, and especially enjoying NDT lectures! Looking forward to seeing all of you in San Diego!! Let’s get back to “Normal!”

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