Special Interest Section: Autonomics

neurodiagnostic technologists talking to an elderly patient

Author: Marcia Hawthorne, R. EEG T., CAP

Why attend the ASET Annual Conference?

People always ask me what I do, and I cannot wait to tell them.  At first, they are interested but after about a minute I can see their eyes starting to glaze over!  This does not stop me from going on and on about what is so amazing about Neurodiagnostics though.  One of the things I love about the Annual Conference is, no one glazes over, and they even participate in the conversation!  Every time I come home from a conference I feel energized.  There is something about meeting with a group of individuals who love the world of Neurodiagnostics as much as I do.  We have opportunities to bounce ideas off of each other and help each other with troubleshooting any issues that may have arisen in our labs.  We are a team no matter what state we come from!

Each time that I attend the ASET Annual Conference I become a stronger, more confident technologist.  I am able to bring things back to our lab that improve patient care and help our lab to be the best that it can be.  In addition, I am able to keep information fresh, by helping others to troubleshoot and learn.  I enjoy the learning part of Annual Conference as much as I enjoy the teaching part.  There is something for everyone at the conference and I would encourage every technologist to go if they have the chance.

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