Special Interest Section: Clinical EEG


Author: Pat Lordeon, R. EEG T., FASET

Meetings, gatherings, conferences, get togethers… we humans are social beings.  Anything is better when we are together.  Humans seek companionship and support, and these things are abundantly available when a group of like-minded individuals gather.  The question we are tasked with for this newsletter is:  Why do you attend ASET conferences in person?  For all the reasons listed above, and more…

I have attended and spoken in person at ASET’s annual meetings, boot camps and region meetings.  Last year, I attended the annual ASET meeting virtually.  While the content is the same in both formats, what you miss virtually is the fellowship.  There is truly something to be said for the excitement, exhilaration and comradery of physically being on site with hundreds of individuals who share your interests.  You already have a common denominator, and it becomes ridiculously easy to strike up conversations and make new friends.  That is what is missing in a virtual meeting.  While you can learn just as easily on a virtual format, you do not have the spontaneous interactions and repartee that exist when attending in person. 

This lack of connectivity is commonplace now due to COVID restrictions.  You cannot be present physically for so many things, and while I am grateful for the ability to participate virtually, it does not compare to the thrill of an on-site meeting. 

So, will I be attending in person?  Sadly, no.  But I will be attending virtually, while trying to drum up some of these feelings at home in my office.  ASET is doing a wonderful job accommodating the needs of its members during this pandemic.  They are quite experienced at managing remote learning, and they consistently offer excellent course content whether you participate in person or virtually from your couch. 

Sign up to attend this year’s annual ASET conference today and support each other and our Society.  It does not matter how you attend, just attend.  And if you get the opportunity to go to an annual ASET meeting, pack your bags and tap your heels together three times, because you are in for a magical experience.

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