Walk Back to the Olden Days



Walk Back to the Olden Days

  poem by Jill Mackey
  Walk back to the olden days 
with no digital to run 
When things could be crazy 
 but also, kinda fun  
The morning wrestle-calibration,  
For the night-time gremlins had camped 
and made the baselines out of whack 
Pens under or over damped. 
You mastered writing as the paper ran, 
It was worthy of Olympic gold  
But it could have its own mind 
And cattywompusly unfold.  
If a technical fiasco came 
Yes, it happened almost every day- 
Open up your cleaning kit- 
Dive into the ink and play.  
Always punching in montages 
Changing amplifiers too 
Troubleshooting was easy  
we knew just what to do.
You could run a test blindfolded,  
If you were very brave, 
The pens would always talk to you  
In 3 Hz spike and wave.  
Your uniforms were never clean 
They were splattered with black ink 
We tried to look professional  
White coats-what did we think? 
While this could be infuriating  
We would take it in our stride 
And every day we would return  
For our analog machine ride.  
So, walk back to the olden days  
Life wasn’t quite so fast 
for it was very different  
but sometimes quite a blast.  
Happy Analog years


Jill Mackey, R.EEG T., CLTM, RPSGT 
EEG Specialist 
Medical University of South Carolina


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