We are Resilient – A Message from the ASET President

ASET President Connie Kubiak

So much has happened since last issue.  I am hoping you have some semblance of normalcy returning to you.  Personally, I drew unemployment for the first time in my 47 year work career.  Needless to say, it was not fun in any way.  The positive of being “unemployed” is I was able to spend some time at home, getting those much needed “to do lists” completed, and best of all—Time to dedicate to getting the info our membership needed to assist you in navigating this pandemic. Virtual Meetings are a wonderful thing! During these times, I am so thankful for the internet and computers!

As I write this note, I think of the word “resilient”.  The definition of Resilient is: characterized or marked by resilience: such as

  1. capable of withstanding shock without permanent deformation or rupture

  2. tending to recover from or adjust easily to misfortune or change

(Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

In my career, I have found many times, the need to explain what I did for a living.  This was to patients, their families, clinical staff, administrators as well as friends and family.  There were times of “identity” crisis. Questions to me include –Am I a Technician, Technologist, Physiologist, Nurse or Doctor? Is this what I do all day?  Did I really go to school for this? And more.  I found all of these times were a terrific opportunity to share my knowledge and passion for the field that has always drawn me to it!

I find those of us in this field to be extremely resilient.  Our labs are moved, redesigned or gone entirely.  Administrators can be Respiratory Therapists, Nurses, Business Managers or Technologists.  And through all of this, we persevere!!  We have survived; On-the-Job Training, Analog EEG, Digital EEG, CT Scan use, MRI discovery, AIDS, Ebola, floods, hurricanes, picket lines, riots, protests, fire, tornadoes and many other man-made and natural disasters!

I had a Director once mention to me, “I can teach an EEG Tech to do anything, but the same cannot be said the other way”. As ASET starts its next decade, we are being resilient and learning new things. The staff is returning to the office and at the same time, developing the education and skills it will take to provide the first ever “Virtual Annual Meeting”. This topic has been discussed over the years, with the initial concerns of how it would look. Necessity is always the best teacher. As we get presenters and “rooms” lined up to provide the best education available, ASET has made the commitment to make this affordable, and at a time when more will have the opportunity to join us!  A virtual presence gives our global friends the opportunity to join us much more affordably than ever before.  ASET is making these three days as close to a face-to-face meeting as possible — let’s have unprecedented attendance! By doing so, ASET hopes to offer a similar educational course in the future with the Annual Conference.  What a terrific way to bring those who cannot leave the office, their families or even their country to attend!

I want to thank ALL of you, our ASET Members, for supporting ASET as we take the leap in to this little-known world. I hope your “normal” is returning. Take the time to go to the website and review all we have compiled to help you navigate Covid-19, as we see labs reopening and “normal” returning.

Your support, encouragement and kind words help us to know we are looking out for you and your needs!


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